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Hello my name is Jazmyne B Jack i'm from PHX born and raised love frank ocean, music, i'm a college student loving life. :)
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Nas feat. Lauryn Hill - If I Rule the World 

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The Wild Thornberrys

Marianne Thornberry by Tascha Dearing

Nigel Thornberry by Joshua Walker

Photos by Sophie Keen, ZeroKing2010, and So Say We All

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Anonymous asked: Kim has ID'd as white on some Howard Stern interview where her and her trash ass sisters talked about their fetishization of Black men. She also definitely looks white? Like getting ass shots and abusing bronzer/fake tanner does not a brown girl make. Also the average person doesn't know of the existence of the Kardashian brother, so how the fuck is he making Adrienne Bailon famous?


Woody Allen Won't Hire a Black Actor "Unless The Role Calls For It" →




Woody Allen Won’t Hire a Black Actor “Unless The Role Calls For It”

U.S. film director Woody Allen gestures during a news conference in Barcelona

Woody Allen’s films are so revered that the man is lauded despite the fact that he married his stepdaughter, was accused of molesting his own daughter and…

mintiscream asked: What's your career goal after college?




That was the hardest part of the whole movie tbh

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